Employee Of The Month

Chad Bunker
May 2012


Chey Kahgegab – Marketing Promotions Assistant
June 2012

Chey Kahgegab

Chey worked in the Marketing Department as a Promotions Assistant.

Melissa Bayduck – RV Park Ranger
July 2012

Melissa Bayduck

Melissa first started her employment with the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel as a retail clerk in April 2012. She then transferred to the Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Park and has been a Park Ranger since September 2012.

Kelsey Councilor-Front Desk Manager on Duty (MOD)
August 2012

Kelsey Councilor

Kelsey has worked for the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and hotel since April 6, 2012, when the building first opened. She has filled many jobs within the guest service department. Kelsey has been the Manager on Duty for the last year and a half. She is graduating from CMU in December 2014.

Lorraine Dougherty – F&B
September 2012

Lorraine Doughterty

Kitchen Supervisor. I have worked for the tribe for 4 years, at the waterpark for 2 years. My job is to oversee all aspects of both kitchens to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience.

Mackenzie Conley
October 2012

Lorraine Doughterty

Was a Life guard training Supervisor in Aquatics

Larry Willoughby – Maintenance Department
December 2012

Larry Willoughby

Larry has been with the Waterpark since it opened in 2012 and he is a Tech III. Larry handles all of our major repairs for the waterpark, RV Park, Pro Shop, and the Hotel. Larry is knowledgeable with geothermal units and boilers. Larry also keeps the parking lot clean and the trash emptied throughout the waterpark and hotel and the Green Suites.

Cory Kinne – Promotions Assistant
February 2013

Cory Kinne

Cory worked in the Marketing Department as a Promotions Assistant.

Kellie Wackerle
March 2013

Kellie Wackerle

Kellie was a Lifeguard in the Aquatics Department.

Angela Town - Front Desk Manager on Duty (MOD)
April 2013

Angela Town

Angela started working for the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel in July of 2012. She quickly proved to be a great asset to the Guest Services Department by becoming a Manager on Duty (MOD) and helping with deposits.

Blake Barnwell - RV Park Ranger
May 2013

Blake Barnwell

Blake first started his employment with the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel as a Retail Clerk in April 2012. He then transferred to the Soaring Eagle Hideaway RV Park and has been a Park Ranger since September 2012.

Jerry Hodges – Security
June 2013

Jerry Hodges

Jerry began working in Security at the opening of the property in 2012. Jerry has been nominated for employee of the month at least 4 different times by four different team leaders. He has always been noticed as a dedicated employee that is attentive to task and detail. He has worked all shifts and responded to nearly every type of circumstance from emergency situations, lost children, evictions, and illegal substance. He is on point with documentation and continues to maintain his level of training as well as has done additional training courses, such as: substance recognition and priority management. He has a goal of working on training formats for security staffing and will definitely be a valuable resource in that process.

Amanda Lalone
July 2013

Jerry Hodges

Amanda worked in Housekeeping as a Guestroom Attendant

Courtney Payk – Promotions Assistant
August 2013

Courtney Payk

Courtney worked in the Marketing Department as a Promotions Assistant.

John Weaver – Golf Course
September 2013

John Weaver

John has been a dedicated team member of the golf course since 2006. John was part of the transformation from the Holiday Greens to what is now called Waabooz Run Golf Course. John has had perfect attendance through the last several years. When John is given a task to do, he completes the task effectively and flawless. John’s duties include mowing greens, tees, collars, fairways, and green and tee banks. John will also take the time to fill in divets and weed whip.

Fran Dysinger – Marketing Administrative Assistant II
October 2013

Fran Dysinger

Fran has worked as the Administrative Assistant for the Marketing Department since opening of the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel in 2012. She continues to be a great asset to our team.

Melissa Mullard - Auditor
January 2014

Melissa Mullard

Melissa Mullard started working at the Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel in April 2013. Melissa has taken on multiple jobs in the guest services department. Melissa’s current title is Auditor.

Heather Vanblaricum
February 2014

Heather Vanblaricum

Heahter joined with the housekeeping team in October of 2012. She has been an instrumental team member and valued asset to the department and property. She is a guestroom attendant and takes pride in her work ethics and produces a wonderful clean room. Guests often complement her on her friendly outgoing personality and children are drawn to her heartwarming personality. Heather is a mother of 3 wonderful children and devoted wife. Heather is often found going out of her way to help others and does so with pride and eagerness. She works hard to ensure that her rooms are always a refreshing atmosphere to walk into and a comfort to stay in. Thank-you Heather for all of your hard work and dedication to the team.

Ben Dans
April 2014

Heather Vanblaricum

Ben has been a team member in the Aquatics Department as a Lifeguard since we opened in 2012. He briefly left in the summer of 2013 to study microbiology down south. He returned to us in August of 2013 and has been just as great a Lifeguard as he was before. He is kind and courteous to all. He is willing to help not only the Aquatics Department but other departments as well. He has been a lead to other guards also. He is top choice for new lifeguards to be paired with during training. He is an excellent Flow Guard with multiple comments from guests with only the best. Ben is a valued team member and very deserving of Team Member of the Month for April 2014.